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Sierra platinum
Sierra platinum - the first webserver for multi-replicate peak-calling
DNA bound proteins such as transcription factors and modified histone proteins play an important role in gene regulation. Therefore, their genomic locations are of great interest. Usually, the location is measured using ChIP-seq and analyzed using a peak-caller. Replicated ChIP-seq experiments become more and more available. Sierra Platinum allows to call peaks for several replicates and also provides a variety of quality measures. Together with integrated visualizations, the quality measures support the assessment of the replicates and the resulting peaks. Sierra Platinum outperforms other methods.
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Webservice Background
MITOS - Automated Annotation of Metazoan Mitochondrial Genomes
MITOS implements a pipeline for the automated annotation of Metazoan mitochondrial genomes. The method is based on an automatic consistent re-annotation of protein coding genes and non-coding RNAs using BLASTX and co-variance models.
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Webservice Background
tRNAdb - Transfer RNA Database
This service is temporarily not available. We are working on a solution.

tRNAdb is an updated and completely restructured version of the "Compilation of tRNA sequences and sequences of tRNA genes" (Sprinzl et al. 2005). It contains more than 12.000 tRNA genes and about 600 tRNA sequences of 587 species.


Webservice Background
DARIO - A free Web Server for the Analysis of Short RNAs from High Throughput Sequencing Data
DARIO is a free web service that allows to study short read data from small RNA-seq experiments. It provides a wide range of analysis features, including quality control, read normalization, ncRNA quantification and prediction of putative ncRNA candidates.

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