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IMPORTANT NOTICE to (prospective) students

ALL correspondence regarding the following topics MUST be directed to the reponsible administrative office, not to my personal email address.

  • Chairman of the Exams Board Computer Science
    ALL applications and complaints as well as all inquiries regarding deadlines, procedures, necessary documents, and other interesting and entertaining administrative details must be addressed to the Exams Office (Prüfungsamt) at the Studienbüro of the Faculty of Mathematics and Computer Science at
    not to my personal email. I will not know the procedural administrative details anyway, so writing to me directly about such things WILL NOT expedite the process. Please write to my personal email regarding any responsibilities of the exams board only if the Studienbüro (or I) told you to contact me directly.
  • Language Requirements and Certificates
    All questions regarding rules and regulations related to language requirements and acceptable language certificates required for enrollment in any study program MUST be directed EXCLUSIVELY to the Akademisches Auslandsamt. I cannot answer any questions about this.