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Do you know the Vienna RNA Package for predicting and comparing RNA Secondary Structures?

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Master Thesis topics offered in Evolutionary Biology

Björn M. von Reumont in Martin Schlegel's Lab has some interesting MSc topic.

see [here]

If you are interested in this as a MSc thesis in the MSc Bioinformatics Program please come to discuss this with Peter F. Stadler or Sonja J. Prohaska. Buerocratic procedures described on Björn's pages pertain ONLY to
students in a Life Science program, not to Bioinformaticians!

Masterarbeit ueber die Klassifikation von Krebs mit Methylierungsdaten zu vergeben.

Für nähere Informationen bitte [HIER] klicken.

Masterarbeit zum Thema: Discovering new non-coding RNAs in Bacteria

Für nähere Informationen bitte [HIER] klicken.

Sierra Platinum Service

The brandnew webservice for multi-replicate peak-calling is now available at

Open PhD position

There is current a PhD position open.

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