Markus Riester

                                                   Lehrstuhl für Bioinformatik
                                                           Universität Leipzig
                                                              Härtelstr. 16-18

                                                      D-04107 Leipzig, Germany

                                                              +49 341 97 16685

Moved to Boston


* Reconstruction of pedigrees in clonal plant populations. Riester M., Stadler
  P.F. and Klemm, K. Theoretical Population Biology. 2010. In press.

* A differentiation-based phylogeny of cancer subtypes.  Riester M*,  Stephan-
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* FRANz: Reconstruction of wild mult-generation pedigrees. Riester M., Stadler
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* Evolutionary genomics of microRNAs and their relatives. Tanzer, A., Riester,
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* ESTs and EST-linked polymorphisms for genetic mapping  and phylogenetic re-
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* Highly specific gene silencing by artificial microRNAs in Arabidopsis.Schwab
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* Specific effects of microRNAs on the plant transcriptome. Schwab R, Palatnik
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Conference Paper:

* FRANz: Fast reconstruction of wild pedigrees. Riester M., Stadler P.F. and 
  Klemm, K. (GCB 2008). Lecture Notes in Informatics.

Diploma Thesis:

  A  survey  of  Natural Antisense  Transcripts in  the bacteria  and  archaea 
  kingdoms. 2006. Supervised by Kay Nieselt, Stephan Steigele.



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