FRANz beta


Pedigree Reconstruction

A fast and flexible parentage inference program for natural populations.


  1. BulletStatistical confidence by MCMC

  2. BulletIncorporation of prior knowledge (sub-pedigrees, age, sex, sampling locations, siblings)

  3. BulletSimulated Annealing to find the Maximum Likelihood Pedigree as described in Almudevar (2003)

  4. BulletExact algorithm for finding the Maximum Likelihood Pedigree for datasets with up to 30 individuals as described in Cowell (2009). Available in FRANz II..

  5. BulletAllele Frequency analyses (exact HWE test, null allele frequency estimation, ...)

  6. BulletExclusion and Identity probabilities to estimate the power of the marker suite

  7. BulletFullsib detection

  8. BulletTyping errors and mutations

  9. BulletGraphviz output

  10. BulletFast. Analyze datasets with many thousand individuals within minutes!

  11. BulletGPL


FRANz: Reconstruction of wild multi-generation pedigrees.
Markus Riester, Peter F Stadler, Konstantin Klemm. Bioinformatics. 2009. 25:2134-2139.

Reconstruction of pedigrees in clonal plant populations.
Markus Riester, Peter F Stadler, Konstantin Klemm. TPB. 2010. 78(2):109-117.

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Latest Beta of FRANz II. with support for clonal populations:

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