Available Theses

This page contains information on open topics for BSc / MSc thesis work, general information on writing a thesis within my areas of interest, and a list of current and former students.

Currently offered BSc / MSc Thesis Topics

Currently, I offer no “fixed” topics. If you are interested in the topics I work on, read the section on general information below. Drop me an email if you want to discuss topics.

General Information

Advised Theses

  1. Alexander Engler Clustering von Single Enrichment Analyse Daten - Analyse Mittels Force Field Embedding. 2018. Masters Thesis, University of Leipzig.

  2. Sarah Berkemer Processed Small RNAs in Archaea and BHB Elements. 2015. Masters Thesis, University of Leipzig.

  3. Nancy Retzlaff Alignment of Words – Bioinformatics Approaches in Comparative Linguistics. 2015. Masters Thesis, University of Leipzig.

  4. Nancy Retzlaff Bigramm-Alignierung und ihre Anwendung in der historischen Linguistik. 2013. Bachelors Thesis, Eberhard Karls Universität Tübingen.