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Memory Memory programmed by a friend of mine 766 KB 28.11.2004
Mittelerde Lord of the Ring - Landscape of Middleearth (Drawing) 725 KB 24.08.2004
BioChemie complete script of Michael Cross's lesson 'Einfuehrung in die BioChemie' 106 MB 07.05.2007
Bildverarbeitung Handwriten seminar number four of 'Bildverarbeitung' 2,5 MB 13.07.2005
DNA-Computing Source Files for 'DNA-Computing' by Prof. Kuske 67 KB 24.06.2005
DNA-Computing Source Files for 'DNA-Computing' by Prof. Kuske 277 KB 24.06.2005
DNA-Computing Combiled PDF-file for 'DNA-Computing' by Prof. Kuske 432 KB 24.06.2005
AufS Leaflet for the class 'Automaten und formale Sprachen' 7,8 MB 25.01.2005
BioInf I Notes for the class 'BioInformatik I' by Prof. Stadler WS04/05 959 KB 09.12.2004
Biotechnologie Notes for the class 'Biotechnologie' by Prof Andrea Robitzki WS04/05 77 KB 11.11.2004

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