About me!

I have gotten a PhD in Computer Science from Leipzig Bioinformatics, under the supervision of Prof. Peter F. Stadler and Prof. Konstantin Klemm in June 2016.

My PhD project is titled as "Boolean networks: Features and Applications" within which we investigated Boolean functions in modeling gene regulatory networks and introduced a new type of function with strong inhibitory, namely the veto function. We further performed analytic calculations on the sensitivity of the Boolean functions to perturbations. Furthermore, we looked at a different scale of biological phenomena using a binary model and proposed a correlation-based model to describe the pattern formation of Fly eye.

I have an M.Sc. in Physics from Alzahra University in my hometown, Tehran. Within my master project I have exercised the computational methods as well as analytic approaches in investigating the empirical data extracted from some biological labs and the data from stock markets.

Besides science, socializing with friends and family, reading novels and traveling are some of my hobbies.

Research Interests

I am interested in Complex systems and Complex networks. Specifically I like modeling different interacting systems such as gene regulatory systems by applying the complex networks approaches.

Extracting information from complicated biological procedure such as Fly eye formation with the models of complex systems attracted my attention most recently.

In addition, studying the behaviuor of the human society as a huge complex system using statistical mechanics tools is constantly of my interest.