Carsten R. Seemann
– Master of Science in Mathematics –

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I am a predoctoral researcher at the Max Planck Instute for Mathematics in the Sciences (since Sept. 2018), and
in particular an IMPRS-MiS student (since Jan. 2019), in Leipzig.

If you have any questions, comments or suggestions, please, feel free to write an email to
carsten.seemann@mis.mpg.de or to carsten@bioinf.uni-leipzig.de.

Aditionally, you can find me on the following pages:
 Research Gate  Google Scholar  github

CV – Curriculum Vitae


 Leipzig University
Oct. 2018now
Ph.D. student in Mathematics (and in particular an IMPRS-MiS student, since Jan. 2019)
 University of Greifswald
Oct. 2016Sep. 2018
M.Sc. student in Mathematics (awarded degree: Master of Science)
Oct. 2013Mar. 2017
B.Sc. student in Mathematics with Computer Science (awarded degree: Bachelor of Science)
 Secondary Schools
Aug. 2004Jun. 2013
student at a German secondary school (graduated with the "allgemeine Hochschulreife")
Aug. 2010Jun. 2011
school year abroad at an American high school

Scientific Employments

 Research Assistant at the Max Planck Institute for Mathemathics in the Sciences, Leipzig
Sep. 2018now
Predoctoral Researcher
 Student Assistant at the University of Greifswald
Apr. 2018Jul. 2018
Correcting the exercises and holding a few exercises
of the module "Theoretical Computer Science"
Nov. 2017Dec. 2017
Correcting the exercises and typewriting the lecture notes
of the module "Graph Theory"
Apr. 2017Jul. 2017
Correcting the exercises of the module "Theoretical Computer Science"
Oct. 2016Dec. 2016
Correcting the exercises of the module "Practical Numerics"

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Extracurricular Activities [show]



  1. M. Hellmuth, C.R. Seemann
    Alternative Characterizations of Fitch's Xenology Relation
    (to appear 2019)

Journals (peer-reviewed)

  1. C.R. Seemann, M. Hellmuth
    The Matroid Structure of Representative Triple Sets and Triple-Closure Computation
    Europ. J. of Combinatorics, 70, 384–407 (2018)
    [Publisher's page] [arXiv]


  • Master's Thesis (2018)
    Generalized Fitch Relations
  • Bachelor's Thesis (2017)
    Splits und Triple in gewurzelten Bäumen und die Konstruktion der Closure sowie repräsentativer Triplemengen
Conferences and Seminars


  • 9th Slovenian International Conference on Graph Theory
    Talk: The Matroid Structure of Representative Triple Sets and Triple-Closure Computation
    Bled, Slovenia, Jun. 2019
    [Conference's Page]

Seminars with own Talks

  • 17th Herbstseminar der Bioinformatik
    Talk: t.b.a.
    Doubice, Czech Republic, Oct. 2019
    [Seminar's Page]
  • 34th TBI Winterseminar in Bled
    Talk: Mixing Hybrids and R-Metrics
    Bled, Slovenia, Feb. 2019
    [Seminar's Page]
  • 16th Herbstseminar der Bioinformatik
    Talk: Generalized Fitch Relations
    Doubice, Czech Republic, Oct. 2018
    [Seminar's Page]


Carsten R. Seemann
Bioinformatics Group (3rd floor, room 313)
Department of Computer Science
Leipzig University
Härtelstraße 16-18
D-04107 Leipzig
Carsten R. Seemann
Max Planck Institute
for Mathematics in the Sciences
Inselstraße 22
D-04103 Leipzig

carsten@bioinf.uni-leipzig.de carsten.seemann@mis.mpg.de
+49 341 97 16626



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