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Divergent evolution in the genomes of closely-related lacertids, Lacerta viridis and L. bilineata and implications for speciation

Kolora, Sree Rohit Raj and Weigert, Anne and Saffari, Amin and Kehr, Stephanie and Walter Costa, Maria and Spröer, Cathrin and Indrischek, Henrike and Chintalapati, Manjusha and Lohse, Konrad and Doose, Gero and Overmann, Jörg and Bunk, Boyke and Bleidorn, Christoph and Grimm-Seyfarth, Annegret and Henle, Klaus and Nowick, Katja and Faria, Rui and Stadler, Peter F and Schlegel, Martin


PREPRINT 19-008:
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GigaScience 8: giy160


Lacerta viridis and Lacerta bilineata are sister species of European green lizards (eastern and western clades, respectively) that, until recently, were grouped together as the L. viridis complex. Genetic incompatibilities were observed between lacertid populations through crossing experiments, which led to the delineation of two separate species within the L. viridis complex. The population history of these sister species and processes driving divergence are unknown. We constructed the first high-quality de novo genome assemblies for both L. viridis and L. bilineata through Illumina and PacBio sequencing, with annotation support provided from transcriptome sequencing of several tissues. To estimate gene flow between the two species and identify factors involved in reproductive isolation, we studied their evolutionary history, identified genomic rearrangements, detected signatures of selection on non-coding RNA, and on protein-coding genes.