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Panorama Rosenberg

We are back! Are you back, too?

Please register for the conference via the small interface below until the end of August.

We strongly recommand that all participants are

For further information, please, take a look at §22a of the German Law "Infektionsschutzgesetz" (Infection Protection Act).
If you are neither fully vaccinated nor recently recovered, we expect you to test yourself frequently and check the regulations of the Czech Republic by yourself. In this case, there will be no refund if it turns out that you may not attend.

Please note that, by Czech law, we are required to check your valid passport/ID upon arrival. A driver's license is not sufficient. Please make sure to have your documents at hand upon check-in. Additionally, by German law, you need to carry your valid passport/ID with you while entering / leaving Germany; see very detailed information below.


The Herbstseminar Meeting is organized by people from the Bioinformatics Group and from the Computational EvoDevo Group, both located at the Department of Computer Science, Leipzig University.

In case of questions, feel free to contact us via:


The meeting takes place at Hotel Jef (Doubice 107, Doubice 40758, Czech Republic).

Hotel Jef (map)
Additional information about the hotel can be found here.
Phone: +420 412 381 429

Conference place

The hotel has 31 rooms for approximately 65 people. Each room has a bedroom and its own bathroom including a shower. If you prefer not to stay in Hotel Jef, we have the possibility to get rooms in another hotel - with student unfriendly prices - in the neighborhood. If this is the case, please make a note in the comment section.

You are getting detailed information about the conference on Oct 03, 2022 at the registration desk.

room example
Further Information


Your family is welcome to join us in Doubice! Depending on the number of children and the size of the families, we will try to accommodate families separately from the party people and the lecture hall in a different accommodation. We will contact you after the registration to let you know the final prices for the kids and the details of your accommodation.

Registration & Fee
125 EuroRegular fee for all participants
190 EuroProfessor fee with option of upgraded accomodation
reducedIntended for the scientific offspring

The conference fee includes accommodation at Hotel Jef.

Please transfer the registration fee to the conference bank account in advance!
You will receive an email with all the details after successful registration, including payment information.
The conference fee can only be refunded if the registration is canceled until the end of the registration deadline (per e-mail). Otherwise you have to pay the full fee.

The registration / check-in will be in the dining room of Hotel Jef on Oct 03, 2022 from 2pm to 6pm. If you are arriving prior to registration, please do not check in with the hotel, but wait for the organizing team. We will hand you over the key and registration information. Please note that late-night registration will not be supported after 10 pm even for those running late.


No ATM available!
Payment with any cards will not be possible! You can pay in Euro, however with a "bad" rate, or in Czech korunas. Please, ensure that you have enough money for additional meals, drinks, etc.


WiFi is available in Hotel Jef, but might not cover all rooms equally.

Scientific Program

It is possible for every participant to present his/her scientific work. All diploma, master and PhD students should give a talk. This is not only a burden but also a good chance to present your scientific results to Peter, Ivo, Rolf and all the others of the Bompfünewerer consortium at the same time. We will have four kinds of talks:

A guide which talk format is the right for you can be found here.

A meaningful (preliminary) title should be given in the registration process in order to schedule talk sessions.

As usual, we provide a video projector (with VGA & HDMI port) and a laser pointer for the presentations. If you cannot provide your talk as a PDF on USB stick, please bring all necessary equipment with you.

Approximate time table can be found here.

A PDF version of the time table can be found here.

The slides can be found here.


Further information on the workshop will be given at time.

Travelling & Arrival
Panorama Rudolfstein

Registration closed!

Registered participants
#Last nameFirst nameAffiliationTalk titleTalk timePayment status
1SeemannCarsten R.Uni Leipzig BioinformatikNesting of Polygons15
2KlapprothChristopherUni Leipzig BioinformatikML based identification of ncRNA loci in plant genomes15
4ReinhardtFranziskaUni Leipzig BioinformatikExceS-A: an exon-centric split aligner15
5GärtnerChristianeUni Leipzig BioinformatikAllele-specific methylation and expression in different lymphoma types15
6BeierNoraUni Leipzig BioinformatikExploring Metabolic Networks through Atom Mapping Graph Transformation Rules of Chemical Reactions15
7SantiagoAnahyUni Leipzig BioinformatikAutocatalytic structures15
8StadlerBärbelUni Leipzig BioinformatikNo talk-
9StadlerPeterUni Leipzig BioinformatikNo talk-
10ScholzGuillaumeUni Leipzig BioinformatikConsensus Segmentation: A conjecture15
11KätherKarlUni Leipzig BioinformatikGenomic Foundations of Evolutionary Innovation5
12KasmanasJonasUFZ - Helmholtz-Zentrum für Umweltforschung, LeipzigGenome-Centric Analysis of the Human Microbiome: the human gut resistome from patients under different diet types15
13FallmannJoergUni Leipzig BioinformatikNo talk-
14AbdulkadirNafiUFZ - Helmholtz-Zentrum für Umweltforschung, LeipzigGenome-centric analyses revealed a wide distribution of antimicrobial resistance genes from active sludge and wastewater treatment plants15
15DieHuUFZ - Helmholtz-Zentrum für Umweltforschung, LeipzigDo gut viromes correlate with atopic eczema in children?15
16GennuoWangUFZ - Helmholtz-Zentrum für Umweltforschung, LeipzigGenome-centric analysis in soil contaminated with bromoxynil recovered 307 MAGs and 88 UViGs15
17FeussnerMaximilianUni Leipzig BioinformatikBioinformatics analysis of silencing the extra repeats in CRISPR-Cas systems15
18MuhammadKabiru NataUFZ - Helmholtz-Zentrum für Umweltforschung, LeipzigDynamics of prokaryotes, bacteriophages and plasmids in a starvation event during biomethanation15
19DomschkeNicoUni Leipzig BioinformatikNo talk-
20BernhartStephanUni Leipzig BioinformatikNo talk-
21OzerovaIuliiaUni Leipzig BioinformatikThe diversity of mt-tRNA15
22Nunes da RochaUlissesUFZ - Helmholtz-Zentrum für Umweltforschung, LeipzigTowards integrated genome-centric analyses of microbial communities15
23KühnlFelixUni Leipzig BioinformatikImproving de novo assembly of hybrid (short/long) read data15
24EckertIrisUni Leipzig BioinformatikSingle Cell Assembly with Ryuto5
25BaloghGaborUni Leipzig BioinformatikTCGA based retrospective analysis-pipelines for basket trials with combinations-therapy in SCC15
26WiesekeNicolasUni Leipzig BioinformatikNo talk-
27BarthEmanuelFSU JenaNo talk-
28LipaevaPolinaUFZ - Helmholtz-Zentrum für Umweltforschung, LeipzigBrought in from the cold: proteomics of Siberian amphipods15
29ProdanovTimofeyUni DüsseldorfMulti-locus variant calling in segmental duplications15
30KorchmarosAnnachiaraUni Leipzig BioinformatikHow merging colors characterizes 3-BMGs15
31BoleMartinUFZ - Helmholtz-Zentrum für Umweltforschung, LeipzigNo talk-
32MurielRitschFSU JenaThe beauty and the beast of viral databases15
33MeyerDariaFSU JenaHow sex, fat and age impact the liver15
34López SánchezAlitzelUniversité de SherbrookePredicting Horizontal Gene Transfers with Perfect Transfer Networks15
35Di TranaAdrianaCompanionNo talk-
36LuckenbachTillUFZ - Helmholtz-Zentrum für Umweltforschung, LeipzigNo talk-
37KorchmarosGaborCompanionNo talk-
38ZancanellaMatteoCompanionNo talk-
39HellmuthMarcStockholm UniversityExplicite Modular Decomposition25
40LeydoldJosefWU WienNo talk-
41von LöhneysenSarahUni Leipzig Bioinformatikunclear5
42GorodkinJanRTH CopenhagenCRISPR/Cas9 gRNA design for genome editing25
43Amarante ColpoRodrigoUFZ - Helmholtz-Zentrum für Umweltforschung, LeipzigReconstruction of metabolic models for microbiome simulations25
44HaunsSvenALU FreiburgPredicting novel immune system types15
45RabschDominikALU FreiburgApproximation of Expected Distances on the ensemble of RNA Structures15
46Velandia HuertoCristian ArleyUni Leipzig BioinformatikNo talk-
47WaldlMariaUni Wien TBIRNAbialign: Modeling incongruent sequence and structure evolution 15
48WillSebastianÉcole PolytechniqueNo talk-
49YaoHua-TingUni Wien TBISalt concentration correction in ViennaRNA package15
50VarenykYuliiaUni Wien TBIModified nucleotides in RNA secondary structure prediction15
51DavoodiAkbarSDUNo talk-
52SpicherThomasUni Wien TBIComputational Estimation of Energy Parameters for modified Nucleotides15
53HofackerIvoUni Wien TBINo talk-
54BankeSisselSDUCausal Analysis of Chemical Systems5
55Hernandez-RosalesMaribelCINVESTAVNo talk-
56SteuckJensUni Leipzig BioinformatikNo talk-
57SammethMichaelUniversity Hospital WürzburgNo talk-
58JovanovicAleksandarUniversity Hospital WürzburgTBA15
59AndersJohnUni Leipzig BioinformatikRNAcode Web -- Alignment-based Coding Prediction15

Legal Comment

Based on real events, please note that there is a "Passpflicht" for German and non-German citizens:

Don't be confused with the "Ausweispflicht" (i.e, the requirement to be in possession of a valid passport or identity card); see §1 PAuswG for Germans, and §3 AufenthG for non-Germans.