TBI 01-pfs-015 Glassy states in a shaken sandbox


Glassy states in a shaken sandbox

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Peter F. Stadler, Anita Mehta, Jean-Marc Luck

Our model of shaken sand, presented in earlier work, has been extended to include a more realistic `glassy' state, i.e., when the sandbox is shaken at very low intensities of vibration. We revisit some of our earlier results, and compare them with our new results on the revised model. Our analysis of the glassy dynamics in our model shows that a variety of ground states is obtained; these fall in two categories, which we argue are representative of regular and irregular packings.

Presented at the research workshop onChallenges in Granular Physics, ICTP Trieste, Italy, Aug 07-11 (2001).

45.70.Cc [Static sandpiles; granular compaction]
45.70.Mg [Granular flow: mixing, segregation and stratification]

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