Preprint 01-06-034

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Fractal geometry of spin-glass models

J. Fernando Fontanari, Peter F. Stadler,

Phys.Rev.Lett. submitted (2001)

Stability and diversity are two key properties that living entities share with spin glasses, where they are manifested through the breaking of the phase space into many valleys or local minima connected by saddle points. The topology of the phase space can be conveniently condensed into a tree structure, akin to the biological phylogenetic trees, whose tips are the local minima and internal nodes are the lowest-energy saddles connecting those minima. For the infinite-range Ising spin glass with p-spin interactions, we show that the average size-frequency distribution of saddles obeys a power law <P(w)> ~ w-D, where w=w(s) is the number of minima that can be connected through saddle s, and D is the fractal dimension of the phase space.


spin glasses, landscapes, barrier trees, fractals

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