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Bioinformatics supplemental material 2008

BIOINF 08-029: <em>Hox</em> cluster duplications in the basal teleost <em>Hiodon alosoides</em> (Osteoglossomorpha)

Karen E. Chambers, Ryan McDaniell, Jeremy F. Raincrow, Maya Deshmukh, Peter F Stadler, Chi-hua Chiu
[ Supplemental Material ]

BIOINF 08-025: The tedious task of RNA homology search

Peter Menzel, Jan Gorodkin and Peter F. Stadler
[ Supplemental Material ]

BIOINF 08-024: Non-Coding RNA Annotation of the Genome of <em>Trichoplax adhaerens</em>

Jana Hertel, Danielle de Jong, Manja Marz, Dominic Rose, Hakim Tafer, Andrea Tanzer, Bernd Schierwater, Peter F. Stadler
[ Supplemental Material ]

BIOINF 08-022: Evolution of vault RNAs

Peter F. Stadler, Julian J.-L. Chen, Jörg Hackermüller, Steve Hoffmann, Friedemann Horn, Phillip Khaitovich, Antje Kretzschmar, Axel Mosig, Sonja J. Prohaska, Xiaodong Qi, Katharina Schutt, Kerstin Ullmann
[ Supplemental Material ]

BIOINF 08-021: Conserved Introns Reveal Novel Transcripts in Drosophila melanogaster.

Hiller M, Findeiss S, Nickel C, Lein S, Marz M, Rose D, Schulz C, Backofen R, Prohaska SJ, Reuter G, Stadler PF.
[ Supplemental Material ]

BIOINF 08-014: Homology-Based Annotation of Non-coding RNAs in the Genomes of <i>Schistosoma mansoni</i> and <i>Schistosoma japonicum</i>

Claudia S. Copeland, Manja Marz, Dominic Rose, Jana Hertel, Paul J. Brindley, Clara Bermudez Santana, Stephanie Kehr, Camille Stephan Otto-Attolini, Peter F. Stadler
[ Supplemental Material ]

BIOINF 08-010: Improved RNA consensus secondary structure prediction

Stephan H Bernhart, Ivo L. Hofacker, Sebastian Will, Andreas R. Gruber, Peter F. Stadler
[ Supplemental Material ]

BIOINF 08-008: Arthropod 7SK RNA

Andreas R. Gruber, Carsten Kilgus, Axel Mosig, Ivo L. Hofacker, Wolfgang Hennig, Peter F. Stadler
[ Supplemental Material ]

BIOINF 08-001: Evolution of Spliceosomal snRNA Genes in Metazoan Animals

Manuela Marz, Toralf Kirsten, Peter F. Stadler
[ Supplemental Material ]