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Bioinformatics supplemental material 2003

BIOINF 03-024: Evidence for independent Hox gene duplications in the hagfish lineage: A PCR-based gene inventory of Eptatretus stoutii

Peter F. Stadler, Claudia Fried, Sonja J. Prohaska, Wendy J. Bailey, Bernhard Y. Misof, Frank H. Ruddle, Günter P. Wagner
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BIOINF 03-023: Structural and evolutionary analysis of the transcribed sequence of Boudicca, a Schistosoma mansoni retrotransposon

Claudia S. Copeland, Oliver Heyers, Bernd H. Kalinna, Andreas Bachmair, Peter F. Stadler, Ivo L. Hofacker, Paul J. Brindley
[ Supplemental Material ]

BIOINF 03-010: The Shark HoxN cluster is homologous to the Human HoxD cluster

Sonja J. Prohaska, Claudia Fried, Chris T. Amemiya, Frank H. Ruddle, Günter P. Wagner, Peter F. Stadler
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BIOINF 03-007: Bichir HoxA Cluster Sequence Reveals Surprising Trends in Ray-Finned Fish Genomic Evolution

C-H. Chiu, Ken Dewar, Günter P. Wagner, Kazuhiko Takahashi, Frank Ruddle, Christina Ledje, Peter Bartsch, Jean-Luc Scemama, Edmund Stellwag, Claudia Fried, Sonja J. Prohaska, Peter F. Stadler, Chris T. Amemiya
[ Supplemental Material ]

BIOINF 03-002: Surveying Phylogenetic Footprints in Large Gene Clusters: Applications to Hox Cluster Duplications

Sonja Prohaska, Claudia Fried, Christoph Flamm, Günter P. Wagner, Peter F. Stadler
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