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BIOINF 19-001: Splicing conservation signals in plant long non-coding RNAs

Josú Antonio Corona Gómez, Irving Jair Garcia-Lopez, Peter F. Stadler, Selene L. Fernandez-Valverde

16 Species Genome Wide Alignments

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  • Other Data Sets

  • Table of the splice sites SplicingMap.tsv (98 M)
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  • Conservation table by position of TE and lincRNAs overlapping TE. lincRNA-overlap-TE.tsv
  • BED files of our lincRNAs for A.thaliana lincRNAs-position
  • lincRNA_Araport_expression_by_specie.tsv lincRNA_Araport_expression_by_specie.tsv
  • lincRNA_own_expression_by_specie.tsv lincRNA_own_expression_by_specie.tsv