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BIOINF 17-013: Detailed Secondary Structure Models of Invertebrate 7SK RNAs

Ali M. Yazbeck, Kifah R. Tout, Peter F. Stadler

List of Genomes investigated


Detection of 7SK RNA candidates using covariance models

[PDF] The table lists the scores of all candidates using Rfam 13.0 covariance models RF00100 (7SK vertebrate), RF01052 (7SK arthropoda), and the our consensus model for Protostomia.

7SK Sequences

Model Sequences Alignment Figure Rscape
Hexopoda [*.fa] [*.stk] manuscript [*.txt]
Arachnida [*.fa] [*.stk] [*.pdf] [*.txt]
Diptera_Non_Drosophila [*.fa] [*.stk] [*.pdf]
general invertebrates [*.fa] [*.stk] [*.pdf] [*.txt]

Addition sequences not included in one the alignments [*.fa]