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BIOINF 14-017: The ancestor of modern Holozoa acquired the CCA-adding enzyme from Alphaproteobacteria by horizontal gene transfer

Heike Betat, Tobias Mede, Sandy Tretbar, Lydia Steiner, Peter F. Stadler, Mario Mörl, and Sonja J. Prohaska

Supplementary File 1[TXT]Accession numbers
Supplementary File 2[TXT]sequences for Choanozoa in multifasta format
Supplementary File 3[PDF]Weblogos for aCCA and eCCA motifs
Supplementary File 4[TXT]multiple sequence alignment in (multi)fasta format computed with muscle
Supplementary File 5[PDF]maximum likelihood tree computed with RAxML
Supplementary File 6[TXT]key to the abbreviations of taxon names
Supplementary Fig. S1[PDF]syntheny of genes within the CCA loci of Choanoflagellata. Figure caption: [TXT]
Supplementary Fig. S2[PDF]best blast hits for genes of the CCA loci of Choanoflagellata .Figure caption: [TXT]