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BIOINF 08-024: Non-Coding RNA Annotation of the Genome of <em>Trichoplax adhaerens</em>

Jana Hertel, Danielle de Jong, Manja Marz, Dominic Rose, Hakim Tafer, Andrea Tanzer, Bernd Schierwater, Peter F. Stadler

Annotation files

  • Multiz/RNAz screen (1416 loci)
    [BED] [FASTA]
  • NcDNAlign/RNAz screen
    [BED] [FASTA]
  • ncRNAs identified by homology search
    [BED] [FASTA]

Small Nuclear RNA files

Small Nucleolar RNA files

MicroRNA-like hairpins

Novel ncRNA


Problem solved that occured when ALL database sequences were shorter than query (March 5, 2009):
GotohScan-1.3.tar.gz  |  README

Published Release (January 16, 2009):