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BIOINF 09-015: Evidence for Human microRNA-Offset RNAs in Small RNA Sequencing Data

David Langenberger, Clara Bermudez-Santana, Jana Hertel, Philipp Khaitovich, Steve Hoffmann, Peter F. Stadler

  • Table of miRNAs with moRNA reads. Membership in a microRNA family. [PDF]
  • Table of miRNAs with moRNA reads. Reads and links to UCSC browser. [HTML]
  • Unusual read pattern of the "mir-1300" locus.

    The sequences cannot form a credible precursor hairpin either at the annotated locus in red or spanning the loci with more abundant reads. In addition most reads in the most expressed cluster are too short for miRs.
  • Comparison of precursor hairpins and their stability. [PDF]
    Folding energy (MFE), folding energy z-score, a length of the predicted hairpin show no significant difference between miRNAs precursor with and without moRNA reads. Both distributions and results of Kolmogorov-Smirnov tests are shown.
  • List of reads mapping to known miRNA loci. [FILE]
  • Table of miRNAs with moRNA reads based on the RNA datasets from Landgraf et al. Reads and links to UCSC browser. [HTML]
  • miRNAs with moRNA reads in both datasets (Khaitovitch and Landgraf). [PDF]