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Tractable RNA--ligand interaction kinetics

Kühnl, Felix and Stadler, Peter F. and Will, Sebastian


PREPRINT 18-024:


BMC Bioinformatics 18 (12): 424


The binding of small ligands to RNA elements can cause substantial changes in the RNA structure. This constitutes an important, fast-acting mechanism of ligand-controlled transcriptional and translational gene regulation implemented by a wide variety of riboswitches. The associated refolding processes often cannot be explained by thermodynamic effects alone. Instead, they are governed by the kinetics of RNA folding. While the computational analysis of RNA folding can make use of well-established models of the thermodynamics of RNA structures formation, RNA--RNA interaction, and RNA--ligand interaction, kinetic effects pose fundamentally more challenging problems due to the enormous size of the conformation space. The analysis of the combined process of ligand binding and structure formation even for small RNAs is plagued by intractably large state spaces. Moreover, the interaction is concentration-dependent and thus is intrinsically non-linear. This precludes the direct transfer of the strategies previously used for the analysis of RNA folding kinetics.