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Evolution of Fungal U3 snoRNAs: Structural Variation and Introns

Sebastian Canzler, Peter F. Stadler, Jana Hertel


PREPRINT 16-018: [ PDF ]  [ Supplement ]


Non-Coding RNA 3.1 (2017): 3.


The U3 snoRNA is an essential player in the initial steps of ribosomal RNA biogenesis which is ubiquitously present in Eukarya. It is exceptional among the small nucleolar RNAs in its size, the presence of multiple conserved sequence box, a highly conserved secondary structure core, its biogenesis as an independent pol-III gene, and its involvement in pre-rRNA cleavage rather than chemical modification. Fungal U3 snoRNAs share many features with their sisters from other eukaryotic kingdoms but differ in particular in their 5' regions, which in fungi has a distinctive consensus structure and often harbours introns. Here we report on a comprehensive homology search and detailed analysis of the evolution of sequence and secondary structure features covering the entire kingdom Fungi.


small nucleolar RNA, pre-rRNA processing, RNA secondary structure, spliceosomal introns, RNA-RNA interactions, evolution