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The relaxed square property

Hellmuth, Marc and Marc, Tilen and Ostermeier, Lydia and Stadler, Peter F.


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Australasian Journal of Combinatorics Vol 62: No. 3 240-770 (2015)


Graph products are characterized by the existence of non-trivial equivalence relations on the edge set of a graph that satisfy a so-called square property. We investigate here a generalization, termed \emph{RSP-relations}. The class of graphs with non-trivial RSP-relations in particular includes graph bundles. Furthermore, RSP-relations are intimately related with covering graph constructions. For $K_{2,3}$-free graphs finest RSP-relations can be computed in polynomial-time. In general, however, they are not unique and their number may even grow exponentially. They behave well for graph products, however, in sense that a finest RSP-relation can be obtained easily from finest RSP-relations on the prime factors.