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Genome-Wide Identification of Non-coding RNAs in Komagatella pastoris str. GS115

Hugo Schneider, Sebastian Bartschat, Gero Doose, Lucas Maciel, Erick Pizani, Marcelo Bassani, Fernando Araripe Torres, Sebastian Will, Tainá Raiol, Marcelo Brígido, Maria Emília Walter, Peter Stadler


PREPRINT 15-030:
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Lecture Notes in Computer Science Volume 8826, 2014, pp 115-122


The methylotrophic yeast Komagatella pastoris is a relevant bioengineering platform for protein synthesis. Even though non-coding RNAs are well known to be key players in the control of gene expression no comprehensive annotation of non-coding RNAs has been reported for this species. We combine here published RNA-seq data with a wide array of homology based annotation tools and de novo gene predictions to compile the non-coding RNAs in K. pastoris.