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Mapping the RNA-Seq trash bin: unusual transcripts in prokaryotic transcriptome sequencing data

Doose G, Alexis M, Kirsch R, Findeiß S, Langenberger D, Machné R, Mörl M, Hoffmann S, Stadler PF


PREPRINT 13-037:


RNA Biol. 10(7):1204-10 (2013)


Prokaryotic transcripts constitute almost always uninterrupted intervals when mapped back to the genome. Split reads, i.e., RNA-seq reads consisting of parts that only map to discontiguous loci, are thus disregarded in most analysis pipelines. There are, however, some well-known exceptions, in particular, tRNA splicing and circularized small RNAs in Archaea as well as self-splicing introns. Here, we reanalyze a series of published RNA-seq data sets, screening them specifically for non-contiguous