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Beyond genealogies: mutual information of causal paths to analyse single cell tracking data

Nico Scherf, Thomas Zerjatke, Konstantin Klemm, Ingmar Glauche, Ingo Roeder


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Proc IEEE Int Symp Biomed Imaging 2013, 440-443


Single cell tracking, based on the computerised analysis of time-lapse movies, is a sophisticated experimental technique to quantify single cell dynamics in time and space. Although the resulting cellular genealogies comprehensively describe the divisional history of each cell, there are many open questions regarding the statistical analysis of this type of data. In particular, it is unclear, how tracking uncertainties or spatial information of cellular development can correctly be incorporated into the analysis. Here we propose a generalised description of single cell tracking data by spatiotemporal networks that accounts for ambiguities in cell assignment as well as for spatial relations between cells. We present a way to measure correlations among cell states by analysing the mutual information in state space considering causal (time-respecting) paths and illustrate our approach by a corresponding example. We conclude that a comprehensive spatiotemporal description of single cell tracking data is ultimately necessary to fully exploit the information obtained by time-lapse imaging.


cell tracking, lineage trees, temporal networks, information theory, stem cells