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Relations Between Graphs

Jan Hubička, Jürgen Jost, Yangjing Long and Peter F. Stadler


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Ars Math Contemp 6: 323-350 (2013)


Given two graphs <i>G=(V<sub>G</sub>,E<sub>G</sub>)</i> and <i>H=(V_H,E_H)</i>, we ask under which conditions there is a relation <i>R &#8838; V<sub>G</sub>×V<sub>H</sub> that generates the edges of <i>H</i> given the structure of the graph <i>G</i>. This construction can be seen as a form of multihomomorphism. It generalizes surjective homomorphisms of graphs and naturally leads to notions of R-retractions, R-cores, and R-cocores of graphs. Both R-cores and R-cocores of graphs are unique up to isomorphism and can be computed in polynomial time.


generalized surjective graph homomorphism, R-reduced graph, R-retraction, binary relation, multihomomorphism, R-core, cocore