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Dicer-Processed Small RNAs: Rules and Exceptions

David Langenberger, M. Volkan C, Steve Hoffmann, Peter F. Stadler


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J.Exp.Zool.B Mol.Dev.Evol. 320: 35-46 (2012)


Canonical microRNAs are excised from their hairpin-shaped precursors by Dicer. In order to find possible exceptions to this rule and to identify additional substrates for Dicer processing we re-evaluate the small RNA sequencing data of the Dicer knockdown experiment in MCF-7 cells originally published by Friedl¨ander et al. [Nucleic Acids Res. 40: 37-52 (2012)]. While the well-known non-Dicer mir-451 is not sufficiently expressed in these experiments, there are several additional Dicer-independent microRNAs, among them the important tumor supressor mir-663a. We recover previously described examples of non-miRNA Dicer substrates such as tRNA-Gln and several snoRNAs. Interestingly, sdRNAs derived from box C/D snoRNAs are Dicer-independent, while those derived from box H/ACA snoRNAs are often Dicer dependent. Several pol-III transcripts, in particular the vault RNAs and the great ape specific snaRs are processed by Dicer, while the small RNAs originating from Y RNAs seem to be Dicer independent.


sdRNAs, snoRNAs, Y RNAs, vault RNAs, snaRs