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Simple models for scaling in phylogenetic trees

Emilio Hernandez-Garcia, Murat Tugrul, E. Alejandro Herrada, Victor M. Eguiluz, Konstantin Klemm


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International Journal of Bifurcation and Chaos 20:805-811 (2010)


Many processes and models — in biological, physical, social, and other contexts — produce trees whose depth scales logarithmically with the number of leaves. Phylogenetic trees, describing the evolutionary relationships between biological species, are examples of trees for which such scaling is not observed. With this goal, we analyze numerically two branching models leading to nonlogarithmic scaling of the depth with the number of leaves. For Ford’s alpha model, although a power-law scaling of the depth with tree size was established analytically, our numerical results illustrate that the asymptotic regime is approached only at very large tree sizes. We introduce here a new model, the activity model, showing analytically and numerically that it also displays a power-law scaling of the depth with tree size at a critical parameter value.