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Diagonalized Cartesian Products of S-prime graphs are S-prime

Marc Hellmuth, Lydia Gringmann, Peter F. Stadler


PREPRINT 09-035: [ PDF ]


Discrete Mathematics 312:74–80 (2012)


A graph is said to be S-prime if, whenever it is a subgraph of a nontrivial Cartesian product graph, it is a subgraph of one of the factors. A diagonalized Cartesian product is obtained from a Cartesian product graph by connecting two vertices of maximal distance by an additional edge. We show there that a diagonalized product of S-prime graphs is again S-prime. Klav{\v{z}}ar \emph{et al.} [\emph{Discr.\ Math.} \textbf{244}: 223-230 (2002)] proved that a graph is S-prime if and only if it admits a nontrivial path-$k$-coloring. We derive here a characterization of all path-$k$-colorings of Cartesian products of S-prime graphs.


S-prime, diagonalized Cartesian product, path-k-coloring