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Nematode sbRNAs: homologs of vertebrate Y RNAs

Ilenia Boria, Andreas R. Gruber, Andrea Tanzer, Stephan Bernhart, Ronny Lorenz, Michael M. Mueller, Ivo L. Hofacker, Peter F. Stadler


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J. Mol. Evol. 70: 346-358 (2010)


Stem bulge RNAs (sbRNAs) are a group of small, functionally yet uncharacterized noncoding RNAs found initially in C. elegans with a few homologous sequences postulated in C. briggsae. In this study we report on a comprehensive homology-based survey of this ncRNA family in the phylum Nematoda, resulting in a total of 233 new sbRNA homologs. For the majority of these hits promoter regions and transcription termination signals characteristic for pol-III transcripts were identified. Surprisingly, sequence and structure comparison with known RNA families revealed that sbRNAs are homologs of vertebrate Y RNAs. Most of the sbRNAs show the characteristic Ro protein binding motif, and have in addition a region highly similar to a functionally required motif for DNA replication previously thought to be unique to vertebrate Y RNAs. The single Y RNA that was previously described in C. elegans, however, does not show this motif, and in general bears the hallmarks of a highly derived family member.


sbRNA, nematodes, Y RNA, homology search, noncoding RNA