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Duplicated RNA Genes in Teleost Fish Genomes

Dominic Rose, Julian Jöris, Jörg Hackermüller, Kristin Reiche, Qiang LI, Peter F. Stadler


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J Bioinform Comput Biol. 2008 Dec;6(6):1157-75.


Teleost fishes share a duplication of their entire genomes. We report here on a computational survey of structured non-coding RNAs in teleost genomes, focussing on the fate of fish-specific duplicates. As in other metazoan groups we find evidence for a large number (11,543) of structured RNAs, most of which (~86%) are clade-specific or evolve so fast that their tetrapod homologs cannot be detected. In surprising contrast to protein-coding genes, the fish-specific genome duplication did not lead to a large number of paralogous ncRNAs: only 188 candidates, mostly microRNAs, appear in a larger copy number in teleosts than in tetrapods suggesting that large-scale gene duplications do not play a major role in the expansion of the vertebrate ncRNA inventory.


non-coding RNA, ncRNA, ncRNA evolution, ncRNA gene finding, RNA, teleost fish, teleosts, <i>Takifugu rubripes</i>, whole-genome duplication, comparative genomics, annotation