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Evolution of Mitochondrial Gene Orders in Echinoderms

Marleen Perseke, Guido Fritzsch, Kai Ramsch, Matthias Bernt, Daniel Merkle, Martin Middendorf, Detlef Bernhard, Peter Stadler, Martin Schlegel


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Mol.Phylog.Evol. 47: 855-864 (2008)


A comprehensive analysis of the mitochondrial gene orders of all previously pub- lished and two novel Antedon mediterranea (Crinoidea) and Ophiura albida (Ophi- uroidea) complete echinoderm mitochondrial genomes shows that all major types of rearrangement operations are necessary to explain the evolution of mitochondrial genomes. In addition to protein coding genes we include all tRNA genes as well as the control region in our analysis. Surprisingly, 7 of the 16 genomes published in the GenBank database contain misannotations, mostly unannotated tRNAs and/or mistakes in the orientation of tRNAs, which we have corrected here. Although the gene orders of mt genomes appear very different, only 8 events are necessary to explain the evolutionary history of echinoderms with the exception of the ophi- uroids. Only two of these rearrangements are inversions, while we identify three tandem-duplication-random-loss events and three transpositions.


Mitochondrial genomes, Echinodermata, rearrangement, tandem-duplication-random-loss, inversion, transposition