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The Mitochondrial DNA of Xenoturbella bocki: Genomic Architecture and Phylogenetic Analysis

Marlen Perseke, Thomas Hankeln, Bettina Weich, Guido Fritzsch, Peter F. Stadler, Olle Israelson, Detlef Bernhard, Martin Schlegel


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Th Biosci. 126: 35-42 (2007)


The phylogenetic position of Xenoturbella bocki has been a matter of controversy since its description in 1949. We sequenced a second complete mitochondrial genome of this species and performed phylogenetic analyses based on the amino-acid sequences of all 13 mitochondrial protein-coding genes and on its gene order. Our results confirm the deuterostome relationship of Xenoturbella. However, in contrast to a recently published study [Bourlat et al., Nature 444: 85-88 (2006)], our data analysis suggests a more basal branching of Xenoturbella within the deuterostomes, rather than a sister-group relationship to the Ambulacraria (Hemichordata and Echinodermata).