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Explicit Collision Simulation of Chemical Reactions in a Graph Based Artifical Chemistry

Gil Benkö, Christoph Flamm, Peter F. Stadler


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LNCS 3630: 725-733 (2005)


A Toy Model of an artificial chemistry that treats molecules as graphs was implemented based on a simple Extended Hückel Theory method. Here we describe an extension of the model that models chemical reactions as the result of ``collisions''. In order to avoid a possible bias arising from prescribed generic reaction mechamisms, the reactions are simulated in a way that treats the formation and breakage of individual chemical bonds as elementary operations.


Advances in Artificial Life: 8th European Conference, ECAL 2005. Mathieu S. Capcarrere, Alex A. Freitas, Peter J. Bentley, Colin G. Johnson, Jon Timmis (eds) Canterbury, UK, September 5-9, 2005