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Topology of biological networks and reliability of information processing

Konstantin Klemm, Stefan Bornholdt


PREPRINT 04-022:
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Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. USA 102, 18414-18419 (2005).


Biological systems rely on robust internal information processing: Survival depends on highly reproducible dynamics of regulatory processes. Biological information processing elements, however, are intrinsically noisy (genetic switches, neurons, etc.). Such noise poses severe stability problems to system behavior as it tends to desynchronize system dynamics (e.g. via fluctuating response or transmission time of the elements). Synchronicity in parallel information processing is not readily sustained in the absence of a central clock. Here we analyze the influence of topology on synchronicity in networks of autonomous noisy elements. In numerical and analytical studies we find a clear distinction between non-reliable and reliable dynamical attractors, depending on the topology of the circuit. In the reliable cases, synchronicity is sustained, while in the unreliable scenario, fluctuating responses of single elements can gradually desynchronize the system, leading to non-reproducible behavior. We find that the fraction of reliable dynamical attractors strongly correlates with the underlying circuitry. Our model suggests that the observed motif structure of biological signaling networks is shaped by the biological requirement for reproducibility of attractors.


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