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Alignments of Mitochondrial Genome Arrangements: Applications to Metazoan Phylogeny

Guido Fritzsch, Martin Schlegel, Peter F. Stadler


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J.Theor.Biol., 240: 511-520 (2006)


Mitochondrial genomes provide a valuable dataset for phylogenetic studies in particular of metazoan phylogeny because of the extensive taxon sample that is available. Beyond the traditional sequence based analysis it is possible to extract phylogenetic information from the gene order. Here we present a novel approach utilizing these data based on cyclic list alignments of the gene orders. A progressive alignment approach is used to combined pairwise list alignments into a multiple alignment of gene orders. Parsimony methods are used to reconstruct phylogenetic trees, ancestral gene orders, and consensus patterns in a straightforward approach. We apply this method to study the phylogeny of protostomes based exclusively on mitochondrial genome arrangements.


Mitochondrial genome, gene order, cyclic alignment, protostome phylogeny, ancentral states