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The Topology of Evolutionary Biology

Bärbel M.R. Stadler and Peter F. Stadler


PREPRINT 03-003: [ PDF ]  [ PS ]


G.Ciobanu, G. Rozenberg (Eds.): Modeling in Molecular Biology,<br/>Springer Verlag, Natural Computing Series 2004; pp. 267-286


Central notions in evolutionary biology are intrinsically topological. This claim is maybe most obvious for the discontinuities associated with punctuated equilibria. Recently, a mathematical framework has been developed that derives the concepts of phenotypic characters and homology from the topological structure of the \emph{phenotype space}. This structure in turn is determined by the genetic operators and their interplay with the properties of the genotype-phenotype map.


Generalized Topology, Continuity, Punctuated Equilibria, Homology, Genotype-Phenotype Map