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Publications of the bioinformatics group 2017

SMORE: Synteny Modulator of Repetitive Elements

Berkemer, Sarah J. and Hoffmann, Anne and Murray, Cameron R. A. and Stadler, Peter F.
Life 7 (4)
PREPRINT 17-015: [ Abstract ]
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Uncovering missing pieces: duplication and deletion history of arrestins in deuterostomes

Indrischek, Henrike and Prohaska, Sonja J and Gurevich, Vsevolod V and Gurevich, Eugenia V and Stadler, Peter F
BMC evolutionary biology 17: 163
PREPRINT 17-011:
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Ranking of 38 prokaryotes according to their uranium uptake capacity in aqueous solutions: An approach from order theory through the Hasse Diagram Technique

Quintero, Nancy Y and Bruggemann, Rainer and Restrepo, Guillermo
Toxicological \& Environmental Chemistry undefined: 1--28
PREPRINT 17-010:
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The Journal of Mathematical Chemistry: a bibliometric profile

Restrepo, Guillermo and Willett, Peter
Journal of Mathematical Chemistry undefined: 1--8
PREPRINT 17-009:
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Formal Concept Analysis Applications in Chemistry: From Radionuclides and Molecular Structure to Toxicity and Diagnosis

Quintero, Nancy Y and Restrepo, Guillermo
Partial Order Concepts in Applied Sciences: 207--217 (Springer)
PREPRINT 17-004:
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Evolution of Fungal U3 snoRNAs: Structural Variation and Introns

Sebastian Canzler, Peter F. Stadler, Jana Hertel
Non-Coding RNA 3.1 (2017): 3.
PREPRINT 16-018: [ Abstract ]  [ PDF ]  [ Supplement ]
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