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Publications of the bioinformatics group 2016

Sound--meaning association biases evidenced across thousands of languages

Blasi, Damián E and Wichmann, S\oren and Hammarström, Harald and Stadler, Peter F and Christiansen, Morten H
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences undefined: 201605782
PREPRINT 16-017:   [ PDF ]
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Sierra platinum: a fast and robust peak-caller for replicated ChIP-seq experiments with visual quality-control and-steering

Müller, Lydia and Gerighausen, Daniel and Farman, Mariam and Zeckzer, Dirk
BMC Bioinformatics 17: 377
PREPRINT 16-016: [ Abstract ]
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Spectral classes of regular, random, and empirical graphs

Gu, Jiao and Jost, Jürgen and Liu, Shiping and Stadler, Peter F
Linear Algebra and its Applications 489: 30--49
PREPRINT 16-013:
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The paralog-to-contig assignment problem: high quality gene models from fragmented assemblies

Indrischek, Henrike and Wieseke, Nicolas and Stadler, Peter F and Prohaska, Sonja J
Algorithms for Molecular Biology 11: 1
PREPRINT 16-002: [ Abstract ]
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An updated human snoRNAome

Hadi Jorjani,*, Stephanie Kehr,*, Dominik J. Jedlinski, Rafal Gumienny, Jana Hertel, Peter F. Stadler, Mihaela Zavolan, Andreas R. Gruber
Nucl. Acids Res. (20 June 2016) 44 (11): 5068-5082.
PREPRINT 15-065: [ Abstract ]  [ Supplement ]
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