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13. Herbstseminar der Bioinformatik

Sep 28, 2015 - Oct 03, 2015

Panorama Rosenberg

Everyone who likes to participate has to apply via the small interface below.

Deadline for Registration is Aug 28, 2015.


The Herbstseminar-Meeting is organized by people from the Bioinformatics Group and from the Computational EvoDevo Group, both located at the Department of Computer Science, University of Leipzig.

In case of questions feel free to contact us via:


The meeting takes place in the Hotel Jef (Doubice 107, Doubice 40758, Czech Republic).

Hotel Jef (map)
Additional information about the hotel can be found here.
Phone: +420 412 381 429
e-Mail: doubice@hotel-jef.cz

Conference place

The hotel has 31 rooms for approximately 65 people. Each room has a bedroom and its own bathroom including a shower. If you prefer not to stay in Hotel Jef we have the possibility to get rooms in another hotel - with student unfriendly prices - in the neighborhood. If this is the case, please make a note in the comment section.

You are getting detailed information about the conference on Sep 28, 2015 at the registration desk.

room example

On the way through the neighbourhood during night time, you might need a flashlight.

The surrounding area is beautiful and invites for hiking, so do not forget proper shoes.

There are no shopping possibilities within walking distance.

Registration and Fee

115 EuroRegular fee for all participants
175 EuroProfessor fee with option of upgraded accomodation
reducedIntended for the scientific offspring

The conference fee includes accommodation at Hotel Jef.

Please transfer the registration fee to the conference bank account in advance!
You will receive an email with all the details after successful registration, including payment information.

The registration / check-in will be in the dining room of Hotel Jef on Sep 28, 2015 from 3pm to 7pm.


No ATM available!
Payment with any cards will not be possible! You can pay in Euro, however with a "bad" rate, or in Czech Kronen. Please, ensure that you have enough money for additional meals, drinks, etc.


Not available.
Although the Hotel claims there is WIFI it is mostly not functional.

Scientific Program


As usual we bring a projector (beamer with VGA port) and a laser pointer for the presentations, which are given at Hotel Jef. If you cannot provide your talk as PDF on USB stick please bring all necessary equipment with you.


This year we are happy to host a workshop about BioVis. More information can be found at the workshop website.

Traveling (map)

Panorama Rudolfstein

Registered participants


#Last nameFirst nameAffiliationTalk titleTalk timePayment status
1HoffmannAnneUni Leipzig BioinformatikRNA secondary structure determinants of Roquin - RNA interactions15
2StadlerPeterUni Leipzig BioinformatikNo talk-
3HammerStefanUni Wien TBIRNAdesign challenges15
4LeberechtChristophHS MittweidaBasic discrete concepts for simulating biochemical pathways15
5KaiserFlorianHS MittweidaCharacterizing protein functions by substructural units15
6GerighausenDanielUni Leipzig BSVRNApuzzler15
7IndrischekHenrikeUni Leipzig BioinformatikPhylogeny of g-proteins15
8MuellerLydiaUni Leipzig BioinformatikSierra Platinum -- Multi-Replicate Peak-Calling25
9WillsPeterUniversity of AucklandA strange story of prions45
10ZeckzerDirkUni Leipzig BSVSierra Platinum -- Multi-Replicate Peak-Calling -- Optimization25
11YazbeckAliUni Leipzig BioinformatikIdentifying U7 and 7SK RNAs candidates15
12WalterBiaUni Leipzig BioinformatikEvolution of long non-coding RNAs in primates15
13KuehnlFelixUni Leipzig BioinformatikPartial exploration of energy landscapes15
14RituparnoSenUni Leipzig BioinformatikNo talk-
15GysiDeisyUni Leipzig BioinformatikNo talk-
16LemosMikaelUni Leipzig BioinformatikCLIP-seq/HITS-CLIP optimization and first steps of data analysis15
17HoffmannJörnUni Leipzig BioinformatikMyers Bitvector on FPGA15
18ReicheKristinIZI LeipzigNo talk-
19NowickKatjaUni Leipzig BioinformatikNo talk-
20BittrichSebastianHS MittweidaStatistics-based and parameter-free protein model quality assessment15
21WiedemannKarolinIZI LeipzigSemi-automatic interpretation of local secondary structure motifs in lncRNAs15
22PatraDeblinaMLU Halle-WittenbergPhylogenetic distribution of plant snoRNAs15
23GorodkinJanRTH CopenhagenNo talk-
24BerkemerSarahUni Leipzig BioinformatikPrimates, flies and tRNAs15
25WillSebastianUni Leipzig BioinformatikNo talk-
26RetzlaffNancyUni Leipzig BioinformatikNo talk-
27ProhaskaSonjaUni Leipzig BioinformatikNo talk-
28EngelhardtJanUni Leipzig BioinformatikSomething concerning Nucleic Acid Modifications15
29Fallmann Jörg Uni Wien TBINo talk-
30FlammChristophUni Wien TBINo talk-
31KämpfChristophUFZ LeipzigReproducible Sequencing Data Analysis15
32Rivarola-DuarteLorenaUni Leipzig BioinformatikAmphipods from Lake Baikal: genome, transcriptome and population analysis update15
33Al ArabMarwaUni Leipzig BioinformatikMitochondrial DNA - Protein genes prediction15
34Zarif Saffari AminUni Leipzig BioinformatikLong Non-Coding RNAs in Primate Brain Evolution5
35EggenhoferFlorianUni Wien TBINo talk-
36ScheerOliverUni Leipzig BioinformatikNo talk-
37PalascaOanaRTH CopenhagenIntegration of tissue expression datasets from mammalian model organisms15
38WagnerChristinaUni Wien TBINo talk-
39HavgaardJakob HullRTH CopenhagenFoldalign15
40SeemannStefanRTH Copenhagensomething on RNA structure15
41HartmannTomUni Leipzig PaCoSysomething concerning Genome Rearrangement Algorithm15
42OchsenreiterRomanUni Wien TBIThe Vienna Atlas of Viral RNA Structures 2.05
43Hernandez RosalesMaribelInstitute of Mathematics, UNAM, Mexico No talk-
44TanzerAndreaUni Wien TBINo talk-
45WaldlMariaUni Wien TBIData Sets for RNA Kinetics5
46LorenzRonnyUni Wien TBINo talk-
47KoloraRohitUni Leipzig BioinformatikThe charm of non-model lizards15
48Perdomo-SabogalAlvaroUni Leipzig BioinformatikSomething about evolution of TFs in humans15
49HofackerIvoUni Wien TBINo talk-
50NitscheAnneUni Leipzig BioinformatikNo talk-
51SteiningerDominikUni Wien TBIlong range RNA interactions, RNAplex issues15
52Lozada-ChavezIrmaUni Leipzig BioinformatikDifferential evolution of ncDNA across eukaryotes and its relationship with multicellular complexity25
53LOZADA CHAVEZALEJANDRO NABORInstitute of Molecular Evolution, Heinrich-Heine Universität Düsseldorf, GermanyOrigins of major archaeal clades by lateral gene transfers and acquisition of new metabolic innovation: the case of methanogenesis25
54LeydoldJosefWU WienNo talk-
55KretzmerHeleneUni Leipzig BioinformatikEpigenomic analyses of lymphomas15
56SteuckJensUni Leipzig BioinformatikNo talk-
57ExternbrinkFabianUni Leipzig BioinformatikSomething about transcriptomics15
58AnthonChristianRTH CopenhagenNo talk-
59HoffmannSteveUni Leipzig BioinformatikNo talk-
60KianianRojinUni Leipzig BioinformatikWhat is a hyperpath?15
61RiegeKonstantinFSU Jenafungi mtDNA assembly5
62BerntMatthiasUni Leipzig PaCoSyMITOS news (mitogenome annotation) / tRNA identity elements15
63FrickeMarkusFSU JenaSomething about viruses15
64FindeissSvenUni Wien TBINo talk-
65ChintalapatiManjushaUni Leipzig BioinformatikEvolution of Small Insertion/Deletions in Modern-Humans15
66PregelPetraUni Leipzig BioinformatikNo talk-
67AlkanFerhatRTH CopenhagenOff-target Volume Discovery for siRNAs15
68Mostajo Berrospi Nelly FernandaFSU JenaBats and ncRNAs15
69StöpelClausUni Leipzig Bioinformatikto be announced15
70JühlingFrankUni Leipzig BioinformatikNo talk-
71HölzerMartinFSU Jenato be announced15
72RestrepoGuillermoUni Leipzig BioinformatikGreen chemical fitness landscapes25
73panXiaoyongRTH Copenhageninfer disease-associated lncRNA from expression data and disease-associated protein coding gene15
74KirschRebeccaRTH CopenhagenPrediction of structured RNAs in Drosophilids15
75MoritzRubyOtto-von-Guericke University MagdeburgEvolutionary concepts in swarm intelligence15
76Reyna CarlosUni Leipzig BioinformatikNo talk-
77BonieckiMichalIIMCB WarsawHow much there is RNA helix in RNA helix ;-) How to overcome helical bias in 3D RNA crystal structures15
78DawsonWayneIIMCB WarsawKuhn length in 3D RNA structures15
79HerbigNicoUni Leipzig BioinformatikAdvanced Simulation of Histone Dynamics15