Herbstseminar Bioinformatik 2011 Vysoka Lipa (Decin) registration

Herbstseminar Bioinformatik 2011 Vysoka Lipa (Decin)

Panorama Rosenberg

The meeting takes place from 29.09.2011 - 04.10.2011 and was open for registration.

If and only if you have a very good excuse why you are not registerd already and you realy want to attent at the Herbstseminar sent an email to sven.


The meeting will be in the Pension Zvonecek (Decin, Vysoka Lipa 101).

Penzion Zvonecek (map)
Phone: +420 739 402 324
e-Mail: penzion.zvonecek@seznam.cz

The pension has eight apartments for approximately 35 people. Each apartment has a bedroom (3 people), a living room (1 or 2 people) and its own bathroom. We reserved apartments in Pension Hofberg, which is 500 meter away from Pension Zvonecek. Additionally, we have the possibility to get rooms in the neighbourhood. Thus it will be possible to get a few single as well as double rooms if needed. Since Vysoka Lipa is no city with a lot of light you might need a flashlight/torch for your night walks. Breakfast and dinner will be served for all participants at Pension Zvonecek. Please take care to fill out the registration form correctly!

Single and double rooms in the neighborhood including breakfast are reserved in pension121(one room) and Pod Lipou (three rooms). We recommend to pay in Czech Kronen.

As usual we bring a projector (beamer) and a laser pointer for the presentations, which are given at Hofberg and Hotel Lipa.

Conference place

For more information and pictures of Pension Zvonecek have a look at their web page.

You will get further information about breakfast, dinner, etc. on Thursday (29.09.2011) at the registration.
So please check in by Petra and Sven in Vysoka Lipa.


You can pay in situ in the pension in Euro, however with a "bad" rate, or in Czech Kronen. PLEASE, ensure that you have enough money with you. It is not as easy as in Germany or Austria to have an ATM available there. Also keep in mind that you need money for alcoholics, additional meals, etc. Everybody has to pay for him/herself (hence: there is no prior "collection" of money).
It is not possibile to pay with credit or ec-card!!!
The expenses for accommodation (Zvonecek and Hofberg), meals and drinks have to be payed in Pension Zvonecek on the evening before you leave.

Scientific Program

It is possible for every participant to present his/her scientific work. All diploma and PhD students should give a talk. This is not only a burden but also a good chance to present your scientific results to Peter, Ivo, Rolf and all the others of the Bompfünewerer consortium at the same time. We will have three kinds of talks: A meaningful (preliminary) title should be given in the registration process.

You find the final talk schedule here .

Traveling (map) - three choices

Reiseanträge (Leipzig-people)

The best way are traveling groups (e.g. people driving in one car, train traveler groups). Please be self-organized! Everybody has to fill a single Dienstreise Formular!

Panorama Rudolfstein

Registered participants

Lastname, FirstnameAffiliationTalk TitleTimeHow to travel
1Rivarola Duarte, Lorena SoledadUFZ Leipzig"Genomics and transcriptomics of amphipods from Lake Baikal"15bus
2Pregel, PetraBioinf Leipzig---0car
3Thomas, RatteiUniversity of ViennaPathogen-Host interactions: regulation on RNA level (an overview)25train
4Lechner, MarcusPhillips University, MarburgGenome annotation25train
5Wehner, StefaniePhillips University, Marburgtba15train
6Oarikesit, ArliBioinf LeipzigEvolution and Quantitative Comparison of Genome-Wide Protein Domain Distributions25bus
7Langenberger, DavidBioinf Leipzig---0car
8Nowick, KatjaBioinf LeipzigTBA25other
9Tincopa Marca, Luz RosalinaBioinf LeipzigEvolution and functional characterization of transcription factors in primates15other
10Berto, StefanoBioinf LeipzigEvolutionary and functional characterization of transcription factors15car
11Abbasi Moheb, LiaBioinf LeipzigGenetic and evolutionary determination of the human intelligence, a way from intellectual disability to inteligence25other
12Stadler, PeterBioinf Leipzig---0car
13Stadler, BärbelMPI MIS---0other
14Stadler, Elias------0other
15Arnold, ChristianBioinf LeipzigEpigenetics Meets Power-Laws25other
16Nitsche, AnneBioinf LeipzigSplice Sites15other
17Steiner, LydiaBioinf LeipzigA scientific picture book25bus
18Prohaska, SonjaBioinf Leipzig---0bus
19Engelhardt, JanBioinf LeipzigVisualization of RNA alignments15bus
20Hoener zu Siederdissen, ChristianTBI ViennaExtended RNA Folding25other
21Hofacker, IvoTBI Vienna---0car
22Qin, JingMPI MISCycle decomposition of RNA structure space15bus
23Findeiss, SvenTBI ViennaWe will see25other
24Gu, JiaoMPI MIS tba15bus
25Badelt, StefanTBI Vienna---0other
26Lorenz, RonnyTBI ViennaTBA25other
27Keller-Schmidt, StephanieBioinf Leipzig---0other
28Przybilla, JensIZBICellular Potts Model on curved surfaces15other
29Bartschat, SebastianBioinf Leipzigfungi snoRNAs15other
30Ostermeier, Philipp-JensMPI MISHypergraphs15bus
31Ostermeier, LydiaBioinf Leipzigtba15bus
32Bernhart, StephanTBI Vienna---0other
33Luckenbach, TillUFZ Leipzigdo fish have several pgps?25other
34Rohrschneider, MarkusBSV LeipzigCross Species Comparison of Metabolic Networks - a Visual Approach25train
35Becker, Julia------0car
36Kaempf, ChristophBioinf LeipzigSimulated RNA structure probing15train
37Backofen, RolfBioinf FreiburgUpdates and News of the Freiburg RNA-world25other
38Leydold, JosefWU WienGraphs25other
39Leydold, Sandra------0other
40Wintsche, AxelUni LeipzigEffects of sequence motifs on RNA folding15other
41Lozada-Chavez, IrmaBioinf LeipzigEvolution of ncRNAs and their contribution to the biological complexity of life: PART II25other
42Flamm, ChristophTBI Vienna---0other
43Kehr, StephanieBioinf LeipzigsnoRNA target conservation15bus
44Alexander, SchäferMPI CBSGraph Based Features for Prediction of Brain States25other
45Gorodkin, JanRTH---0other
46Wieseke, NicolasPACOSY LeipzigAn ILP approach for postprocessing orthology maps25car
47Seemann, StefanRTHLarge-scale experimental analysis of genome-wide RNA structure predictions15train
48Tippmann, SylviaFMI BaselTranscriptional and post-transcriptional regulation25other
49Hoffmann, SteveBioinf LeipzigA novel algorithm for splice site detection25bus
50Hernandez Rosales, MaribelBioinf Leipzig---0bus
51Wenzel, AnneRTHFinding near complement RNA-RNA interactions using a simplified energy model15train
52Galle, JoergIZBICrypric Peter Problems25train
53Steuck, JensBioinf Leipzig---0car
54Theis, CorinnaRTHCan RNA 3D motifs enhance ncRNA structure prediction?15train
55Radhakrishnan, SabarinathanRTHFinding locally disrupted RNA structure from SNPs15train
56Pundhir, SachinRTHRead Processing Patterns: Significance and Analysis15train
57Gruber, AndreasUni BaselGlobal maps of pre-mRNA 3' end processing factor binding and polyadenylation sites25other
58Scheibye-Alsing, KarstenRTHGenomes - characteristics, statistics and linguistics25train
59Hull Havgaard, JakobRTH---0train
60Kaur, SimranjeetRTHSystematic study of human UTR structures15train
61Mede, TobiasBioinf Leipzig---0bus
62Tafer, HakimBioinf Leipzig---15other