Herbstseminar Bioinformatik 2010 Vysoka Lipa (Decin) registration

Herbstseminar Bioinformatik 2010 Vysoka Lipa (Decin)

Panorama Rosenberg

The meeting takes place from 05.10.2010 - 10.10.2010 and is open for registration. Everyone who likes to participate has to apply via the small interface below.

Registration was open until the 3 September 2010.


The meeting will be in the Pension Zvonecek (Decin, Vysoka Lipa 101).

Penzion Zvonecek
Phone: +420 603 119 692
e-Mail: penzion.zvonecek@seznam.cz

The pension has eight apartments for approximately 35 people. Each apartment has a bedroom (3 people), a living room (1 or 2 people) and its own bathroom. We reserved apartments in Pension Hofberg, which is 500 meter away from Pension Zvonecek. Additionally, we have the possibility to get rooms in the neighbourhood. Thus it will be possible to get a few single as well as double rooms if needed. Since Vysoka Lipa is no city with a lot of light you might need a flashlight for your night walks. Breakfast and dinner will be served for all participants at Pension Zvonecek. Please take care to fill out the registration form correctly!

As usual we bring a projector (beamer) and a laser pointer for the presentations, which are given at Hofberg and Hotel Lipa.

Conference place

For more information and pictures of Pension Zvonecek have a look at their web page.
You will get further information about breakfast, dinner, etc on Tuesday at Pension Zvonecek.
So please check in by Petra and Sven at Pension Zvonecek.


You can pay in situ in the pension in Euro, however with a "bad" rate, or in Czech Kronen. PLEASE, ensure that you have enough money with you. It is not as easy as in Germany or Austria to have an ATM available there. Also keep in mind that you need money for alcoholics, additional meals, etc. Everybody has to pay for him/herself (hence: there is no prior "collection" of money).
It is not possibile to pay with credit or ec-card in the Pension Zvonecek!!!

Scientific Program

It is possible for every participant to present his/her scientific work. All diploma and PhD students should give a talk. This is not only a burden but also a good chance to present your scientific results to Peter, Ivo, Rolf and all the others of the Bompfünewerer consortium at the same time. We will have three kinds of talks: A meaningful (preliminary) title should be given in the registration process.

The final talk schedule can be found here .

Traveling - three choices

Reiseanträge (Leipzig-people)

The best way are traveling groups (e.g. people driving in one car, train traveler groups). Please be self-organized! Everybody has to fill a single Dienstreise Formular!

Panorama Rudolfstein

Registered participants

Firstname LastnameAffiliationTalk TitleTimeHow to travel
1Findeiss SvenBioInfTranscript analysis in Prokaryotes25other
2Parikesit ArliBioinformatikDomain Prediction in Eukaryote Genome15bus
3Marz ManjaUni Marburg--0other
4Wehner SteffiUni MarburgpaRNA: waste and vast 15other
5Pregel PetraBioinf Leipzig--0other
6Steuck JensBioinf Leipzig--0other
7Hertel JanaBierinfo Leipzigin process15bus
8Long YangjingMIS MPGrelations between graphs15train
9Bernhart Stephantbi--0other
10Eggenhofer FloriantbiA webserver for bacterial sRNA target prediction15other
11Stadler PeterBioInf--0car
12Stadler BärbelMPI MIS--0other
13Stadler Elias---0other
14Klopsch AileenUni Leipzig--0other
15hellmuth marcbioinf leipzig--0bus
16Fallmann JoergTBITBA15car
17Gruber AndreasTBItba15other
18Lozada AlejandroNational Autonomous University of MexicoEvolution of viral genomes from a Quasispecies perspective25other
19Lozada-Chavez IrmaBioinformatics LeipzigEvolution of ncRNAs and their contribution to the biological complexity of life: PART I25other
20Puton TomaszAdam Mickiewicz University And The International Institute of Molecular and Cell Biology in WarsawCompaRNA: a server for continuous benchmarking of automated methods for RNA structure prediction.25train
21Badelt StefanTBIArtificial RNA switches25other
22Hoener zu Siederdissen ChristianTBI ViennaTBA (could even be a late night show)25other
23Ghanbarnejad FakhtehBioinf LeipzigStability of Boolean dynamics25train
24Donath AlexBierinformatikTBA, but something about detection of local rate variation by ML optimization25other
25Hoffmann SteveBioinformatik Leipzigtba.25other
26Heffel AndreasBioinf Leipzig--0train
27Hernandez Rosales MaribelUni LeipzigSomething about Phylogenomics25other
28Giri VarunDepartment of Physics and Astrophysics, University of DelhiModelling the chemical dynamics of autocatalytic networks in a pre-biotic scenario45train
29Wintsche AxelBioinformatik Leipziggenerative and discriminative learning principles25bus
30Cakir Mehmet VolkanBioinf LeipzigRandom Genome Model and Epigenetic Regulation15bus
31Cakir Gozde Selin---0bus
32Steiner LydiaBioinf Leipzighistone modifications25bus
33Arnold ChristianBioinf LeipzigMechanisms of epigenetic inheritance25bus
34Flamm ChristophTBI--0car
35Hofacker IvoTBI--0car
36Otto ChristianBioinf LeipzigSomething about Tiling Array data15bus
37Bartschat SebastianBioinf Leipzigtba - something about snoRNAs15bus
38Keller-Schmidt StephanieBioinf Leipzigsomething about growth models15car
39Gu JiaoMIS MPG--15train
40Ostermeier Philipp-JensBioinf LeipzigMCBs of the Lexicographic Product25bus
41Ostermeier LydiaBioinf Leipzigsth. about Cartesian graph product25bus
42Kehr StephanieBioinfTarget prediction for C/D-box snoRNAs15bus
43Lorenz RonnyTBItba15other
44Ullrich AlexanderBioinf Leipzigsth about the evolution of metabolic networks15train
45Hackermüller JörgBioInf / Fraunhofer IZI--0other
46Lechner MarcusUni MarburgncRNA prediction and protein based phylogeny25other
47Prohaska SonjaBioinf LeipzigSomething about Epigenetic?25train
48Engelhardt JanBioinf LeipzigSomething about local structure-based clustering25train
49Nowick KatjaMPI for Molecular GeneticsEvolution of transcription factors in primates25other
50Jühling FrankBioinf Leipzigtba15car
51Ongyerth MatthiasEVA MPGsplice site evolution in primates15car
52Ongyerth Frau und BabyEVA MPG--0car
53Siebauer MichaelBioinf LeipzigMaster Thesis: Homology search with Locarna-Scan15train
54Nitsche AnneBioinf Leipzigsth about splice sites15train
55Qin JingMPI MIS--15train
56Wieseke NicolasUni LeipzigHow to evaluate co-phylogenetic reconstructions?15car
57Rohrschneider MarkusBSVVisual Network Analysis of Dynamic Metabolic Pathways25train
58Seemann StefanUniversity of Copenhagen--25train
59Pundhir SachinUniversity of Copenhagen--15train
60Gorodkin JanUniversity of Copenhagen--0train
61Scherf NicoIZBItba25other
62tafer hakimbioinftba15train
63Reiche KristinFraunhofer IZI--0other
64Wiuf CarstenAarhus UniMathematical modeling and some results for signaling cascades of lenght n25car
65Leydold JosefWien--0car
66Rohlf ThimoMPI MIStba25other
67Krinner AxelIZBIagent based cell simulation15car
68Galle JoergIZBImodeling of epigenetic regulation15car