Herbstseminar 2009
lft. Nr. Name Vorname Titel PDF
101 Lorenz Ronny The Vienna RNA Package 2.0 talk
102 zu Siederdissen Christian Höner The Vienna RNA Package 2.0 talk
103 Smith Martin The Evolution of Junk talk
104 Gruber Andreas 17 ½ Weeks in Leipzig, Saxonia talk
105 Reiche  Kristin The Quest for functional ncRNAs talk
106 Bernhart Stephan    ---
107 Ghanbarnejad Fakhteh Discrete vs. Continuous Regulatory Danamics talk
108 Ullrich Alexander Evolution and Analysis of Metabolic Networks talk
201 Rohrschneider Markus A Novel Grid-based Visualization Approach for Metabolic Networks wieth Advanced Focus&Context View talk
202 Jänicke  Stefan Visualisation of Graphproducts talk
204 Bernt Matthias Exploring the rearrangement explorer’s potential talk
205 Kehr Stephanie SNORNAS HOMOLOGY SEARCH talk
206 Bermudez-Santana Clara Isabel tRNA pair arrangements talk
207 Hoffmann Steve    ---
301 Arnold Christian Three Weeks of Experience at the formatics Institute talk
302 Hernandez-Rosales Mirabel Phylogenetics + Phylogenomics = Cophylogen_what? (partII) talk
303 Wieseke Nicolas A Dynamic Programming Approach for Reconstructing the Co-phylogenetic History of Hosts and Parasites talk
304 Otto Christian MaFIn - Fast Mapping using Fragment Chaining and Indexing Techniques talk
305 Krieg Oliver    ---
306 Lechner Marcus Orthologs Detection and Applications talk
307 Marchais Antonin    ---
401 Ostermeier Philipp-Jens Quasi-robust Cycle Spaces. talk
402 Gringmann Lydia Hypergraph Products talk
403 Hellmuth Marc Diagonalized Cartesian products and S-prime graphs A Solution for the Color-Conti-Problem talk
404 Stadler Bärbel Combinatorial Vector Fields and the Structure of Fitness Landscapes talk
405 Parikesit Arli Domain Cooccurence Distribution of Genetic Regulation Activation from an Evolutionary Perspective talk
406 Prohaska Sonja SUPER tools to pick low hanging fruits talk
501 Backofen Rolf Prediction of RNA-RNA Interactions talk
502 Lange Sita Unravelling the mystery of miRNA target site recognition talk
503 Maticzka Daniel Kinetics of RNA-RNA Hybridizations talk
504 Wintsche Axel Nuclear Retention of mRNA talk
505 Qin Jing Random 3-noncrossing partitions talk
506 Kircher Martin Improving data quality of the Illumina Genome Analyzer platform  ---
507 Langenberger David Classification and Identification of non‐coding RNAs using High Throughput Sequencing Data talk
601 Steiner Lydia www - world wide words -  talk
602 Mückstein Ulricke Measurement of thermodynamic parameters on Microarrays talk
603 Gupta Ishaan ;D Gotoh Games D; talk
604 Bartschat Sebastian Minor Introns vs Major Introns talk
605 Lehmann Jörg Novel intron positions in Drosophila are often caused by intron sliding and tandem duplications talk
606 Otto Wolfgang RNA meets promoter (The story of Old, New, Borrowed and Blue) talk
607 Engelhardt Jan News from the cluster pipeline talk
608 Will Sebastian Match Probabilities from Sankoff-style Alignment in LocARNA talk
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