Herbstseminar Bioinformatik 2009 Vysoka Lipa (Decin) registration

Herbstseminar Bioinformatik 2009 Vysoka Lipa (Decin)

Panorama Rudolfstein

The meeting takes place from 21.10.2009 - 25.10.2009.

We are now 62 participants plus 7 nice and very welcome attachments ;) Thus the registration is closed!
We solved the problem of space and found a big room for the talks!!!


The meeting will be in the pension Zvonecek (Decin, Vysoka Lipa 101).

Penzion Zvonecek
Phone: +420 603 119 692
e-Mail: penzion.zvonecek@seznam.cz

The pension has eight apartments for approximately 35 people. Each apartment has a bedroom (3 people), a living room (1 or 2 people) and its own bathroom. We organized extra rooms/beds in three other houses: i) Hotel Hochberg ii) Pension Lucie and iii) another house nearby.

There will be internet access via wireless LAN. As usual we bring a projector (beamer) and a laser pointer for the presentations.

For more information and pictures see the webpage of the pension Zvonecek.

You will get further infromation about breakfast, dinner, etc on Wednesday at the pension Zvonecek. So please check in by Petra and Sven at pension Zvonecek.


You can pay in situ in the pension in Euro, however with a "bad" rate, or in Czech Kronen. PLEASE, ensure that you have enough money with you. It is not as easy as in Germany or Austria to have an ATM available there. Also keep in mind that you need money for alcoholics, additional meals, etc. Everybody has to pay for himself (hence: there is no prior "collection" of money).

It is not possibile to pay with credit or ec-card in the Pension Zvonecek!!!

Scientific Program

It is possible for every participant to present his/her scientific work. All diploma and PhD students should give a talk. This is not only a burden but also a good chance to present your scientific results to Peter, Ivo, Rolf and all the others of the Bompfünewerer consortium at the same time. We will have three kinds of talks: A meaningful (preliminary) title should be given in the registration process.

The final talk schedule can be found here . For pdfs of the talks follow this LINK.

Traveling - three choices

We ordered dinner for Wednesday and arrival around 6pm at the pension Zvonecek would be nice!

Reiseanträge (Leipzig-people)

Everybody has to fill a single Dienstreise Formular! For groups that take one car, bus or train please be self-organized!

Registered participants

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