Herbstseminar Bioinformatik 2008 Studeny

The meeting lasts from 31.10-04.11.2008 and is open for registration.

Our place for the meeting will be in "Ceska Kamenice". The whole pension Kamzik is reserved for our meeting (like last year).

Everyone who likes to participate should apply via the small interface below. Registration is open to the end of September 2008 or until max. 45-48 people have registered.

Scientific Program

It is possible for every participant to present his/her scientific work. Principally, ALL diploma and phD students who want to participate are thought to give a talk (and also all students who gain some financial support for traveling). The length of the talks should be around 20 min and should not exceed 30 min. A (preliminary) title should also be given via the registration process.

List of talks: PDF


It could be payed directly in euro in the pension, however with a "bad" rate, or in czech kronen. PLEASE, ensure that you have enough money with you, it is not as easy as in germany or austria to have an automated bank machine available there. Also keep in mind that you need AT LEAST 8-10 euro per day (in addition) for alcoholics, dinner etc. The most prefered way is that everyone pays for himself (hence: there is no prior "collection" of money).


For Leipzig-people: The best way (at least for petra ;) ) is that people form traveling groups (like all people driving in ONE car, or some train traveler groups) and fill out a collective "reiseantrag". always one of the groups is responsible to do so. and please don't forget it ...

Traveling - three choices

We expect people to organize themselves in "traveler groups". HOWEVER, I (Steps) need to know, how much people at what time arrive in Hrensko on friday afternoon/evening.

Some remarks:


There will be a wireless router available, a beamer for presentation and music speakers to hear sound for party etc. in the evening.


This is the contact for the Pension Kamzik (the weblink should guide you to more information)

Penzion Kamzik
Tel: +420 412584008
Fax: +420 412582444

Registered participants