22nd LL-Seminar on Graph Theory
26. - 28.5.2005



Iztok Peterin Planar Graphs and Expansions procedures
Drago Bokal Crossing number critical graphs
Gasper FijavzSelected topics on 5-connected graphs
Petra ZigertOn hamiltonicity of resonance graphs
Axel MosigThe Computational Complexity of Aligning Colored Arrangements
Andrej Zak Dissection of a triangle into similar triangles
Sandi KlavžarWiener Index and Canonical Metric Representation
Janja JerebicStrong isometric dimension, biclique coverings, and Sperner's Theorem
Matjaz KovseOn even partial cubes
Clemens BrandProportionate Domination on Grid Graphs
Norbert SeifterTransitive digraphs with more than one end
Konstantin Klemm Distribution of cycle length from Monte Carlo
Paul Bonnington How to Exhibit Maps in Space
Imanuel Bomze New SDP-based bounds for the clique number
Gil Benkö A Graph-Based Toy Chemistry
Josef Leydold Are facial cycle bases robust?
Thimo RohlfEvolution of directed graphs from spin dynamics