22nd LL-Seminar on Graph Theory
26. - 28.5.2005


The LL-Seminar on Graph Theory began as an informal meeting of mathematicians with common interests in discrete mathematics and graph theory from Ljubljana and Leoben in the 1980s. The iron curtain was not so tight any more and the short distance between Ljubljana and Leoben made it easy to meet regularly.

Fruitful cooperations arose and young mathematicians were encouraged to use the seminar as a forum to present their first results. So the seminar kept growing and was held in many different locations in Slovenia and Austria.

This year it should rightly be called Leipzig, Ljubljana, Maribor and Leoben Seminar on Graph Theory with guests from European and non-European countries. Nonetheless the basic concept of a small informal meeting with the aim to exchange ideas and to give young mathematicians a chance has remained the same, no matter where the Seminar takes place.

The workshop will take place at the University Leipzig, Faculty of Mathematics and Computer Science - Chair of Bioinformatics.

There will be no conference fee.

Registration: Register by mail to Petra Pregel

Abstracts should be submitted by May 2nd 2005