Proteinortho - Orthology detection tool

Proteinortho is a tool to detect orthologous genes within different species. This software can used, redistributed and modified GNU General Public License version 2 or later.


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Current version

2017-04-18: Proteinortho V5.16 - Source code with precompiled binaries (Linux/x64) / Proteinortho V5.16 - Source code only

Old versions

2016-08-26: Proteinortho V5.15 - Source code with precompiled binaries (Linux/x64) / Proteinortho V5.15 - Source code only 2016-04-26: Proteinortho V5.13 - Source code 2016-03-17: Proteinortho V5.12b - Source code 2014-09-23: Proteinortho V5.11 - Source code 2014-07-26: Proteinortho V5.10 - Source code Past releases can be found here


If you use Proteinortho in your work you might want to cite: Lechner et al (2011). Proteinortho: Detection of (Co-)Orthologs in Large-Scale Analysis. BMC Bioinformatics 2011 Apr 28;12(1):124.