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Uni Leipzig

Bioinformatics Preprint 06-004



Sebastian Pötzsch, Gerik Scheuermann, Michael T. Wolfinger, Christoph Flamm, Peter F. Stadler


Analysis of the spatial structure of proteins including folding processes is a challenge for modern bioinformatics. Due to limited experimental access to folding processes, computer simulations are a standard approach. Since realistic continuous (all-atom) simulations are far too expensive, lattice based protein folding simulations are a c ommon coarse-graining. In this paper, we present a visualization tool for lattice based protein folding simulations. The system is based on Shneiderman's mantra "Overview first, zoom and filter, details on demand" and uses a collection of information visualization techniques including multiple views, focus+context and table lenses which have been tailored towards our data. We demonstrate the potential of information visualization techniques for providing insight into such simulations.

Keywords: Information visualization, multiple views, overview+detail, design guidelines, focus+context.

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