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Bioinformatics Preprint 03-008


Aggregation of Variables and System Decomposition:
Applications to Fitness Landscape Analysis

Max Shpak, Peter F. Stadler, Günter P. Wagner, Joachim Hermisson

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In this paper we present general results on aggregation of variables, specifically as it applies to decomposable (partitionable) dynamical systems. We show that a particular class of transition matrices, namely, those satisfying an equitable partitioning property, are aggregable under appropriate decomposition operators. It is also shown that equitable partitions have a natural application to the description of mutation-selection matrices (fitness landscapes) when their fitness functions have certain symmetries concordant with the neighborhood relationships in the underlying configuration space. We propose that the aggregate variable descriptions of mutation-selection systems offer a potential formal definition of units of selection and evolution.

Fitness Landscapes, Aggregation of Variables, Decomposability, Mutation, Selection

Alternative Numbers:
SFI Preprint 03-04-025

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